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Snowflakes and Recycling 

Looking outside seeing the massive snowflakes coming down reminded me of this craft I used to do when I was a kid. So simple and its a way of recycling at the same time. Grab those old toilet paper rolls, some glue, glitter or paint, yarn or ribbon and your little one and its time to make snowflakes!!!

Cut the toilet paper roll into 1-inch wide pieces. You can use one or more toilet paper rolls, depending on how big you want your snowflake to be.

Paint your toilet paper roll pieces. Use whatever colors you like. You can also sprinkle them with glitter.

Once the paint is dry, glue the tube pieces into the shape of a snowflake. Experiment with different configurations! Let the glue dry and then use a piece of ribbon or yarn to hang up your snowflake.

Have Fun!!!


The What A Bloom Blogger

It’s getting close to that time of year. Time to start buying, but with this crafty wrapping idea, saving too!!

Get all the kids together for this one! Christmas Tote Bags

All you’ll need is neutral colored totes bags, green, red and silver finger paint. Get messy, get creative.. than get wrapping!

(The hands even look like little Christmas Flowers!)

Christmas Tote Bags

Stay in touch for more crafty ideas.

Happy Crafting,

The What A Bloom Blog

Outdoor Flower Wreath – Video

Make your very own front door decor for next to nothing with this great tutorial from Oleander and Palm. They call it a “spring” wreath, but the Flower Blog staff say why limit this chic decor to only one season? Trick question: you shouldn’t!

rosesCheck out the video tutorial here from Oleander and Palm for this amazingly classy DIY, it’s totally worth your time!


Your friends at Flower Blog

Dress Up that Wrapping Paper

The staff at Flower Blog know that you can buy a killer birthday present, but sometimes it’s hard to make the outside look as amazing as what’s inside the box. We’ve found 5 creative ideas on how to turn your wrapping paper nightmare into a skillful art:

1. Faux Flowers:roses

Perfect for a birthday gift or a wedding shower, this simple idea is easy and affordable.

2. Winter Greenery:


What a festive and heartfelt idea for winter gift giving!

3. Pom Poms:

We’ve got a great Pom Pom DIY tutorial on Flower Blog that you can use to make your gift even more special.

4. Paper Flowers:


The staff at Flower Blog love the idea of upcycling newspaper for gift wrap, how eco-friendly! Check out six different paper flower DIYs you can make to garnish your special someone’s gift, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect flower for you!

5. Balloon Flowers:




This is the coolest idea we’ve ever ever EVER seen for gift wrapping, like ever. Did we say ever? Great for kiddos or for the young at heart, this balloon wrap is a gift in and of itself!


Your friends at Flower Blog

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Olympian Laurel Headband

The staff at Flower Blog are all super excited for the 2012 Olympics, and it’s only 3 days away, yippie! And in the spirit of the ancient Greek tradition, we’ve found this killer tutorial on how to make your own laurel wreath/headband, check it out!


  • Bronze metal/jewelry clay (Sculpey would also work)
  • Old baking sheet
  • X-acto knife
  • Bronze acrylic paint
  • Headband
  • Super glue (~2 tubes)


1. Sketch out a leaf design to use as a template for your laurel wreath.


2. Based on your pattern, measure (or eyeball) how many total leaves you need to fill the headband–the author used a total of 24.

3. Separate your metal clay into a bunch of evenly-sized pieces and mold them into your leaf shape.


4. Bake your leaves at the temperature recommended on the package (author baked hers at 266 degrees F for 30 minutes).


5. Score (make shallow cuts into) your headband with an x-acto knife to give something for the glue you’re about to use to stick to and super glue your leaves on.


6. Once the glue has dried, wash the headband and leaves in Acryllic paint for a unified look.

Isn’t this DIY festive AND fun? Flower Blog thought so too. Visit Hands Occupied for more amazing crafts like this one, she’s pretty great!


Your friends at Flower Blog

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Christmas in July

Hoaky? Maybe. But the thought of throwing a huge party and getting presents more than once every year is pretty appealing! This year, decorate for your own Christmas in July party in style via this festive ribbon Poinsettia tutorial:


  • Red velvet ribbon
  • Gold braided ribbon
  • Scissors


1. Cut three strips from the red velvet ribbon. Recommended: 3.5 – 4 inches long (about 10 cm).

2. Cut the tips of the ribbon into points.

3. Press in the center of the ribbon with your thumb,while you use your pointer fingers to fold down the outside edges.

4. Gather two more ribbon snippets and pinch them in the center. Gather them side by side with the third snipped you have pinched.

5. Take a pre-cut piece of the braided gold ribbon and tie around all three “petals”.

6. Take your pointer finger and push from the bottom near the knot in order to ‘spread’ each petal.

Viola! There you have it. You can add these pretty Poinsettia lookalikes to virtually anything, like these gorgeous blue bottles!

Credit: Mike via Blue Velvet Chair


Your friends at Flowerblog


Fabric Flowers on a Stick

Scallops wrapped in bacon, vegetables, chocolate-covered fruit…we at Flower Blog agree that everything’s better on a stick, and that totally includes this craft idea from This Little Life of Mine. With this fabric flower tutorial and some chop sticks or lollipop sticks, you can make your very own faux flower garden!

Image credit: This Little Life of Mine

Enjoy this lovely wonderful idea you can do with your kids this summer!


Your friends at Flowerblog

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Resin Thumb Tacks

We  at Flower Blog hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day this past Sunday! This week’s DIY from Stars and Sunshine takes crafting to a whole new creative level, but you don’t have to be a pro to make these thumb tacks! What’s great about making things out of resin is you can turn them into earrings, magnets, wall art, or details on other household items.roses


  • Silicon mold (chrysanthemum flower mold used for this tutorial)
  • Resin (author used three different resin dyes in this tutorial– an opaque white, transparent blue, and transparent green)
  • Push Pins
  • Food scale (if available)
  • Superglue



1. Mix about 10oz. of resin according to directions on the box (follow them exactly even if they seem tedious!) using a food scale to ensure even quantities of resin and hardener.

2. Add a few drops of dye, and pour the resin into the mold. Authors note: I did lots of shaking/taping the mold (carefully to avoid spilling!) to release any bubbles formed in the fairly intricate mold.


3. Set the filled mold aside to dry overnight (at least 12 hours), and pop them out it the morning.


4. Superglue the flowers onto plain silver pushpins.

Viola! the cutest thumbtacks the world has ever seen!


Your friends at Flower Blog

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Six Paper Flowers

Flower blog staff admit, fresh flowers are stunning. And dried flowers look amazing too, but can get messy and deteriorate over time. But paper flowers? Well, they stand the test of time (and just so happen to be easy to make!):


  1. Cupcake Liner Flowers
  2. Etsy Parchment Flowers
  3. Simple Paper Flowers
  4. Kusudama Flowers
  5. Tissue Paper Carnations
  6. Tissue Paper Roses

A big thanks to Knuckle Salad for this DIY roundup!

I’ve personally made all of these flowers–all the tutorials are quick and easy! Helpful tip: Buy some wire and green florist tape to create more authentic-looking stems if you’re going to place these faux flowers in a vase, it adds a really nice touch!


Your friends at Flower Blog

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Flower DIY: Summer Flower Party

A big thanks to Ellinee Journal for these great DIY’s and FREE printables! Visit her website for the free flower printables and instructions (remember to print on both sides!) for these adorable DIYs:

1. Flower Screen:

2. Cupcake decorations:

So cute! Check out our Flower Cupcake and Lavender Lemonaderecipes to get this summer flower party started!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Billy Buttons

We’ve featured Billy Buttons on our blog before because we simply love them! Thanks to this DIY from Hooray Blog, now you can make your own faux Billy Buttons that’ll look pretty all year long:


  1. dried flower balls (yellow)
  2. wire sticks
  3. floral tape (green)

The visual instructions are pretty simple: just wrap the wire in floral tape, leaving a little extra room at the top to stick the flower head on and viola! Insaflowers :)


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Soup Can Flower Pots – KID FRIENDLY!

You guys might be getting sick of all these flower pot and vase tutorials we’ve been doing, but we think these crafts are a great way to get the kids involved with mother nature and gives them a fun way to learn about plants and recycling. Thanks to these pics from52 Weeks Project, you can teach your kids that reusing items around the house can be just as important as recycling:


  • Soup Cans
  • Spray Paint
  • Plants of your choice
  • Hammer and nail


  1. Thoroughly clean and remove the paper labels and adhesive from your soup cans.
  2. Carefully poke a hole in the bottom of the soup can with the hammer and nail to allow for drainage.
  3. Spray paint the outside of your cans and set aside to dry.
  4. And viola! A simple, kid-friendly craft that looks great year-round!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Easy Peasy Statement Ring

Ribbon Wrapped Ring DIY

Thanks to this great tutorial and images from Trinkets in Bloom, we can show you how to make your own cute flower statement ring, yay!


  1. Hose clamp
  2. Colors of ribbon
  3. Gold elastic
  4. 1 Large bead
  5. Scissors
  6. Hot glue
  7. Needle
  8. Thread
  9. Screwdriver

Ribbon Wrapped Ring DIY

Here’s a bigger picture of the materials:
Ribbon Wrapped Ring DIY

Click here to get the step-by-step tutorial on this gorgeous (and fun!) DIY!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Mother’s Day Body Scrub

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub - 02

Tell mom, “Thanks!” more than one day out of the year with this awesome DIY from Dellie:

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub

Original recipe by Leah of Freutcake (with a few subs)

  • 1/2 cup white, granulated sugar
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup sunflower oil
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • Air-tight jar (Mason jar, etc)

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub - 01

  1. Combine and mix both sugars until they are blended.
  2. Stir in sunflower oil until it’s completely incorporated and then mix in honey and vanilla.
  3. Pop it in an airtight jar and you’re done!

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub - 02

Easy breezy!

Helpful tips from the author:

  • The sunflower oil settles over time and so you’ll have to blend it before use (like Italian dressing).
  • If you’re using your hands to scoop this out, you might want to store the scrub in the fridge when not in use to keep bacteria at bay.

Make Mom something to help her relax on her day (and every day after!). If you know she likes a particular scent, add a drop of essential oil or fragrance into the mix–over time, it will become more infused with the scrub and will smell yummier with every use!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, yay for moms! Had we the internet and amazing tutorials like this one at our fingertips, mom would’ve gotten an awesome gift like this DIY flower bouquet from us as kids:

Supplies for Pipe Cleaner Bouquet:

  • colored pipe cleaner – 6 of each color
  • decorative flower pot
  • ribbon
  • glue dots


For the flower pot:

  1. Cut a pink ribbon to length.
  2. Attach it to the rim of the pot using glue dots. I love glue dots, so functional!
  3. Tie it off in a bow. I also attached the bow in place with a glue dot.
  4. I then added green colored rice we made during Easter to fill the pot, giving it a fun finished look.


For the flowers:

  1. Wrap a long green pipe cleaner around the 6 bundled pipe cleaners.
  2. Bend and twist it to make the stem.
  3. Spread out your now 12 strands, and curl them up into each other to make the flower.
  4. For a sturdier stem, fold the green pipe cleaner in half again.
  5. Group them all together and tie it with another pipe cleaner.


Fun tip: spritz a little perfume or flower-scented spray on the arrangement so mom loves how they look and smell!


Your friends at Flower Blog

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Flower DIY: Upcycled Vases

Earth Day may be one day out of the year, but that doesn’t mean you should only celebrate it once every 365 days. Simple, easy, and inexpensive, this DIY from House of Earnest helps you celebrate a belated Earth Day in style! All you need is water bottles, spray paint and painters tape and viola! You have a fabulous centerpiece for your dining room table!

*Helpful tip from the author: for cleaning the label glue off the bottles, use Goo Gone or an other citrus oil cleaner and then run through the dishwasher on the top rack.  And, If you use cold water instead of warm like I did, your vases shouldn’t steam.


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: 10 Projects Using Branches

A big thanks to Babble for gathering this bundle of branch DIYs for us to share! A note to crafty moms: a lot of these projects are kid-friendly and affordable!

Craft # 1: Branch Candle Holder

Difficulty: Easy

Kid-friendly? YES!

candles04 One Branch, 10 Projects: Ways to Incorporate Mother Nature Into Home Decor


  • candle holder with flat sides (any size)
  • craft adhesive– multi-purpose for wood and glass surfaces
  • garden pruners
  • dry tree or shrub branches

Craft # 2: Coat Rack

Difficulty: Moderate

Kid-friendly? Not so much :(

branches made into coat rack small One Branch, 10 Projects: Ways to Incorporate Mother Nature Into Home Decor


  • Branches with strong sections of wood that are no smaller than ¾” in diameter
  • Bypass pruners / pruning saw
  • Cedar plank or other raw, natural wood
  • Drill / screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • White latex paint

Craft # 3: Artsy Fartsy Branch Frame

Difficulty: Easy

Kid-friendly? Not so much :(

dscf2297 One Branch, 10 Projects: Ways to Incorporate Mother Nature Into Home DecorMaterials:

  • Long branches
  • Spray paint
  • Picture frame of choice
  • Staple gun
  • Frame hanging hardware

Craft # 4: Clothes Rack

Difficulty: Moderate

Kid-friendly? Not so much :(

loveaestheticstwigrack One Branch, 10 Projects: Ways to Incorporate Mother Nature Into Home DecorMaterials:

  • branch
  • paint
  • metal wires
  • hooks

Craft # 5: Jewelry Tree

Difficulty: Easy

Kid-friendly? Not so much :(

jewelry tree final One Branch, 10 Projects: Ways to Incorporate Mother Nature Into Home DecorMaterials:

  • Branch
  • Wood for base
  • Drill for base
  • Wood glue
  • Primer
  • Spray Paint
  • Mirror
  • Rubber sealant

Craft # 6: Classy Coffee Table

Difficulty: Easy

Kid-friendly: Hey, if you can get them excited about making a wood box you are an awesome parent!

houttafel500x529 One Branch, 10 Projects: Ways to Incorporate Mother Nature Into Home Decor


  • Wood box,
  • paint it,
  • hot glue
  • Twigs (length of the box)
  • Wooden discs (multi-sized)

*Note: the tutorial is in Dutch, but the pictures make the DIY really self-explanatory

Craft # 7: Easy Peasy Towel Rack

Difficulty: Easy

Kid-friendly: Sure, they’ll be super excited to make a towel rack…

sb1 One Branch, 10 Projects: Ways to Incorporate Mother Nature Into Home DecorMaterials:

  • A branch
  • Existing shelf

All you need is a place to slide the branch above the sink, no tools required! Of course if you don’t already have a shelf, you can add two curtain rod holders to the wall and place the branch on them to achieve the same effect.

Craft # 8: Branch Chandelier

Difficulty: Hard (only due to the parts involved)

Kid-friendly: Nope, sorry!

img 5506 2 One Branch, 10 Projects: Ways to Incorporate Mother Nature Into Home Decor


Craft # 9: Twig Mirror:

Difficulty: Easy

Kid-friendly? A word of caution with the glue gun, otherwise this could be a great project to do with older kiddos!


  • Branches
  • A round piece of wood
  • Circular mirror (smaller than wooden circle)
  • Hot glue

Craft # 10: Rainbow Wreath

Difficulty: Easy

Kid-friendly? YES!


  • Grapevine wreath
  • Embroidery floss-12 to 14 colors -I used 2 or 3 shades of each color of the rainbow
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Curved needle
  • Eraser

Tip: Try different colours that reflect the season or upcoming holiday for a festive and inexpensive project that you can do year-round!


Your friends at Flowerblog



Flower DIY: Scribble Paper Flowers

Spring is a great season to do fun craft projects with your kiddos. This great DIY from Inside My Hideaway allows you to put your kids’ artwork someplace other than the fridge:

DIY Scribble Flowers

What you’ll need:
  • tissue paper in light colors
  • something to color with (oil pastels, crayons or markers)
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • craft or school glue
  • wooden skewers (you could also use chopsticks, anything long and thin)
  • and optional washi tape or stickers (you could also use green floral tape)

1. Cut a long strip of tissue paper (the entire length of the sheet wide, and maybe 3 inches tall) and start coloring.

2. Once you’re finished coloring, turn the paper over and roll it up so that the colored side faces out.

3. Cut the top of your roll in a rounded or pointed shape, whichever you prefer; this will be the shape of your petals. Make sure you cut it deep enough for your petals to fan out a bit. Then, roll the paper back out flat.

4. Place a little glue right inside the edge of your paper and place your skewer on top, about an inch from the bottom. Start rolling it up again, but this time roll loosely, gripping the base around the skewer and shaping the top as you go. The base will be tighter than the top, of course.
5. Place a little clear tape around the bottom of the flower to hold it in place. Cover the clear tape with pretty green washi tape or floral tape.

What a great way to display your kiddo’s beautiful artwork that’s both festive and fun!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Kids Party Ideas

Got a little one’s birthday coming up? Want to get your kinds involved more with Easter day celebrations? Here’s a great post from Dine and Dish for a spring-themed kid-friendly party setup:

This candy bar idea is adorable, especially with the incorporation of the Gerbera Daisies!

Fun and bright, this setting is perfect for Easter, spring or birthday parties!

Pot Place Holders:

  • 2in terra cotta pots
  • acrylic paint (spring colours)
  • stems cut from Gerbera Wreath (see below!)
  • hot glue
  • Spanish moss
  • Easter candies (picture used Jelly Beans)
  1. Paint inside and outside of terra cotta pots festively (or have the kids do it!)
  2. Add guest name to outside rim of pot (or help your kiddos write their own name)
  3. Hot glue cut stem from artificial Gerbera Daisy to rim of terra cotta pot on the inside of the pot for a cute handle
  4. Fill the pot with Spanish moss
  5. Let the kids add whatever candy they want to their fun place holders!

Gerbera Decorations:

  • at least 10 artificial Gerbera Daisies
  • hot glue
  • styrofoam wreath
  • acrylic paint + paint brush
  1. Paint styrofoam wreath and set aside to dry (tutorial used yellow paint)
  2. Cut stems off artificial Gerbs and hot glue to painted wreath
  3. Use as a centerpiece decoration or attach ribbon to back and hang as a wreath on a door!

Your Easter or springtime party is a sure-fire hit with the kids with these great DIY’s and candy bar!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Painted Pots

We at Flowerblog will be the first to admit–even though they’re great for storing herbs and indoor plants, terra cotta pots look pretty boring. We found this great tutorial from Marry This! that turns drab into fab, just in time for Spring!

DIY Wedding Projects

You’ll need:

  1. Terra cotta pots (choose your size based on what you want to put in them)
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Foam paintbrushes
  4. Pattern tape (like skinny masking tape, available at the craft store)
  5. Glossy finish lacquer

DIY Wedding Projects

1. Paint a base layer on your pots. Let dry completely.

2. Make a pattern with your pattern tape. Go nuts! Make it your own.

DIY Wedding Projects

3. Paint another color on top of your pattern tape as you wish. Have fun with it!

4. Remove the tape while second coat is still tacky. Let dry, then coat with clear glossy lacquer to protect the surface.

DIY Wedding Projects

Viola! Paint a few terra cotta pots in different sizes and arrange them as a cute centerpiece for your dining room table, it’ll look fresh and gorgeous!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIy: Twig Flower Pot

With spring right around the corner, we know gardens are going to start blooming like crazy! Here’s a great tutorial from Nini Makesfor a great springtime vase perfect for a potted plant or even some cut flowers from your backyard!

Twig flower pots for giving, or keeping: a tutorial

Twig flower pot 


Small saw (optional), hessian (burlap), a straight sided container, twigs or small branches that are fairly straight, jute twine, glue gun or string.


1. Gather a pile of twigs and cut them down to roughly the same length; you’ll want them a little taller than your container. You could forgo the saw and break them if you like.


2. Take a long piece of twine (about a metre and a half) and at the middle of your piece of twine begin tying the sticks together. Tie near one end of the twigs, single knots should be fine.

3. Continue tying your remaining twigs until you have long row of them, then gently wrap them around your container to check the length; the twigs should meet but not overlap. In the image above you can see there’s no need to remove smaller twigs, I left a few on.


4. After checking the length, tie the twigs again at the other end.


5. Cover a straight sided container with a strip of hessian and secure with glue gun. No need to be perfect, it’s getting covered anyway. If you plant your flower in this container, be sure to poke drain holes in the bottom.


6. Now just wrap the twigs around and tie it on. These are also great to use as vases, if they’re too light pop a couple of large stones inside to help weigh them down.

Simple, easy, and adorable! A great project to do with your kids to celebrate spring!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Classic Felt Flowers

Can’t get enough of those flower tutorials! Here’s a classy version of the felt flower compliments of Mrs. Priss:

Now, I know I say this pretty much every time, but I LOVE THESE FLOWERS. I would jump into a big pile of them, roll around, toss them joyfully into the air and have them flutter down all around me, I adore them so much. (I’m weird, but that’s why you love me. Believe that.)


  • Felt
  • Glue (I used a hot glue gun because I apparently like the excruciating 5 second pain it causes my fingertips, but try whatever you have on hand)
  • Center: A cute button, vintage earring, cluster of beads… other ideas?
  • Backing: Alligator clip, pin back, headband, etc.
  • This is another versatile craft and you can pretty much glue it to anything. Use it as a gift topper, maybe? OMG CUTE.
  • Also, notice how I didn’t say ‘needle and thread’?? These little babies are no-sew!

Simply stunning results, and such a great tutorial!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Felt Flower Headbands

This tut from Every {Nothing} Wonderful is fabulous and the perfect accessory for your little one this spring, check it out!

Tutorial: Felt flower headbands (from repurposed pantyhose!)


I love headbands. Love, probably too much, but love nonetheless. Unfortunately for me, many headbands hurt behind my ears, and, if they are the kind that go all the way around your head, they slip off. Which is why I’ve been wearing pantyhose in my hair for at least 15 years. No lie.

Before you think me totally insane, it works! They are perfectly stretchy, not too tight, stay put wonders! Great for a workout all alone, but dressed up they are perfectly lovely as a carrier for all things delightful and accessory like!

I also adore felt – love the felt flower trend, love the pop of femininity when a flower is added to an ensemble.

Thus – felt flowers and my favorite headbands. Perfection.

Things you’ll need:

Old pantyhose (preferably the control variety) or tights. Tights are super perfect and come in amazing colors – opt for that if you can.

Felt flowers or ornamentation – you can buy these pre-made at places like Hobby Lobby (in the US at least) or online (I really love Ornamentea, also the place Jordan Ferney got hers for her felt ball garland). I have a tutorial on felt flowers and bows here as well.

Needle and thread. I prefer embroidery floss because I am a) the world’s worst sewer and b) under the false pretense that it is somehow “better”/more secure.


To begin, cut strips (about 1 inch wide) from the tights/pantyhose – for a larger band cut higher on the thigh, for smaller, cut lower. Remember, these will stretch out so maybe go just a little smaller than you think originally, then try them on for size.


The strips won’t look like much flat – and the edges don’t have to be perfectly straight. Once you give them a pull they curl up, like this:


At this point you’ll need to decide how to decorate your headband.


If you are using pre-made flowers (or have a collection of your own already made) go ahead and play around with them.


Decide which configurations of flowers and leaves, just flowers, or anything else you like.


Flip over the arrangement you like. Thread your needle. I should note here – if you like you could do this whole project with hot glue, but, since I know my headbands will be used by certain little ladies I didn’t want anything that might itch or scratch – I also wanted to make sure it was as secure as could be and couldn’t be pulled apart very easily.


Stitch through in a hidden place and tie off the end of the thread.


Continue stitching together until the arrangement is secure. To make sure the stitching isn’t visible from the front try stitching through the surface of the felt, almost all the way through, and back through the back/non-visible part of the piece.


Decide how you want the secured piece to sit on your headband, then open up the headband and secure along the flower.


If you want the flower to lie against your head (to have it follow the shape of your head), be sure to pull the headband tight while securing and stitching to the flower. When complete tie off and cut off any loos threads.


Give a pull on the headband again and it will roll right back up.


That’s it! One non-itchy, not tight, oh so right, cute as can be headband!


For a little something extra I stitched a vein detail on the leaves of this headband – it was a winner, I would say, since the model wanted to keep it forever!

If you aren’t into flowers you could leave the band alone and use it as-is, or you could use multiples, bare, for a “sporty” band.


To make the sporty band take three bands and lie them down together. Using another band cut into a strip, wrap the bands together and stitch or glue the strip closed.

Love, love love!

Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Lavender Garland

Here’s a great tutorial we found perfect for the flower of the week: lavender! Content compliments of the diy club:

Here’s a very easy tutorial to make your own lavender garland. It looks pretty and smells even prettier. Be sure to read down because there’s an important step that will keep your lavender from shedding everywhere.


Dried lavender buds (You can purchase them on Etsy if necessary.)

Hemp, lace, ribbon, or whatever string you’d like

School glue

2 Plastic Cups


Styrofoam Crafts 1-1/2 inch balls (You can purchase them at Michael’s or JoAnn.)

Step 1:

Fill one cup with glue and the other will lavender.

Step 2:

Push a skewer through the center of a Styrofoam ball & submerge into the glue. Remove. Allow excess to drip off or you can twirl the skewer with your finger tips to remove the extra glue (just make sure the ball is surrounded by the cup).

Step 3:

Dip glue covered ball into lavender and coat it completely. (You may need to tilt/shake the cup a little in order to do so.)

Step 4:

Gently remove the ball from the skewer and let it dry.


Step 5:

After they’ve dried completely, use the skewer holes to thread the hemp through.

Repeat until you have all lavender balls strung!

Such a creative (and lovely) idea!


Your pals at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Pom Pom Flowers

pom flower dandelions

Not gunna lie, this DIY is (D)UH-dorable! Why duh? Because making these cute pom pom flowers is a no-brainer! Images compliments of Emmaline Bride and go make me:

(The Picture says it all really)


pom flower dandelions

Dandelion pom poms? Super fun!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Boutonniere Tutorials

Mad props to our Wedding Blog, going strong and all thanks to your support! In honour of the Perfect Wedding Day Blog, here’s a DIY Tut for Boutonnieres compliments of Intimate Weddings:

I love how boutonnieres have become so creative in the past few years. Flowers are by far the only option! I’m also really impressed by some of the awesome DIY boutonnieres I’ve found on the web. Here are a few that caught my eye:

Herbal boutonnieres from Once Wed.

diy boutonnieres

Love these leaf boutonnieresLearn how to make them over at Martha Stewart.

boutonnieres leaf

Learn how to make these herb and leaf boutonnieres at Martha Stewart.

diy boutonniere

Learn how to make these DIY ribbon bouts at Martha Stewart.

ribbon boutonniere

Another ribbon boutonniere found at the Hip Hostess.

These poppy bouts ares so beautiful. You can find the tutorial at Indie Bliss.

A boutonniere made from panty hose. Learn how to make it at Craftzine.

DIY floral boutonnieres that you can make in three steps from Brides.com.


Your friends from Flowerblog


Fabric Flower Headband DIY

This video/pic tutorial rocks! A big shout out to Stacie Grissom from Stars and Streetlights for this adorable DIY!

DIY Flower Headband

For this project you need:
♥ Fabric strips
♥ Hot Glue Gun
♥ Headband
♥ Some sort of fabric that won’t fray. (Felt, wool, jersey.)

DIY Flower Headband

This tutorial is a bit easier to understand through video.

DIY Flower Headband
And then you get this!

DIY Flower Headband
You can also make these flowers into belt embellishments, corsages, hair clips, anything really. I might add some of these little guys to a shirt soon. :)

DIY Flower Headband

To all of my flower-loving kindred spirits out there, I’ve pinned about a bazillion flowers in my DIY Fashion board on Pinterest. Also, I posted about the yellow flower headband in the tutorial video here. (I made the yellow flower with the same technique as this pink flower. :))


Your lovelies at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: T-shirt Flower (for your T-shirt scarf!)

One of the coolest DIY accessories to hit the internet is the t-shirt scarf and one of the coolest dyeing techniques is Ombre. We at Flowerblog found a great t-shirt scarf tutorial that (surprise surprise!) includes flowers, yay! Images and content compliments ofa bit of sunshine:

You’re going to need:

  • t-shirt to cut up
  • a felt circle
  • button for the center
  • fabric glue
  • scissors
  • a flower template – I made this simple one by hand with some card stock

1. Cut eight flowers using the template out of the t-shirt
2. One at a time fold the flowers in half and then a quarter and dab a little glue inside the corner so it sticks.
3. Glue the petals onto the felt circle four on the bottom and then layer three on top of those four.
4. With the last petal pinch it a bit more and glue it down right in the center.
5. Add the button with your glue or sew it down if you would like.
6. Cut a long strip of fabric and glue that down onto the back of the flower and let it all dry.

After it is dry use the flower to wrap around the scarf and secure on the underside. Alternately you could sew the flower onto the scarf but I wanted mine to be removable so that I could toss the scarf in the wash if need be…and knowing me and how most of my scarves and shirts become napkins I know there will be a need. :)

The t-shirt flower also looks super cute wrapped around a ponytail or braid! I hope you have fun making these I would love to see photos if you do!

What’s not to love about this DIY? The answer is a big ol’ fat “Nothing!” because the question was rhetorical!


Your friends at Flowerblog


Flower DIY: Ribbon Flower Pin Tutorial

Ok Sports Fans, remember how we left last week’s DIY post on a foreshadowy note? Well here’s why! You can turn that simple ribbon flower into a gorgeous brooch or appliqué to any purse, hat, anything you want! Check out this awesome tutorial compliments ofMake it Do and sport your own Ribbon Flower—you’ll be amazed at how many compliments you’ll receive!

Here’s what you need:

• 2-4 yards of wire ribbon (depending on how large and tight you want your flower) (I used one and 1/2 inch wide ribbon.)
• quilting thread or other strong thread
• small amount of felt
• hair clip or pin (or both)

1. Pull on the wire of one side of the ribbon to ruffle. Ruffle the entire length of your piece of ribbon. Not all wire ribbon is the same. Some are more fragile, so pull gently. Leave a few inches wire hanging out from the ends, but clip away the rest to get it out of your way.

2. To start, fold your ribbon back on forth a few times (on the side of ribbon which you’ve just pulled the wire). Using quilting thread run a stitch through the ribbon several times to secure.

3. Start wrapping the ribbon around. Secure each wrap by stitching all the way through the layers in a star pattern.

4. Once it is large enough to be difficult to stitch through all the layers, secure by stitching to the previous layer.

5. When you come to the end of the ribbon, fold the the corner of ribbon back inside to hide the raw edge. Stitch into place. Cut off any excess wire hanging out of the ends.

6. Cut a circle out of felt to cover the back of the flower. I cut a second layer of felt in a wide strip and secured it with a zigzag on each side. That way I could easily slip in onto a hair clip or a pin.

7. Stitch the felt into place on the back of the flower using a blind stitch.

I love how this flower pin turned out. I used 4 yards of fabric for this flower, and made it fairly dense. It looks just like the peonies blooming in my garden right now. And it was fast and easy… my kind of one evening project. I’m off to make several more as gifts right now…

Your crazy-dedicated friends at Flowerblog
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Flower DIY: Ribbon Flower

Despite the interesting choice of background music, this tutorial does a great job walking you through how to make a fantastic ribbon flower suitable. The ribbon flower is a starting point for TONS of other projects, so stay tuned for some wonderful ideas for the ribbon flower in upcoming posts! Not only that but it reminds us of the Flower of the Month: the Carnation! Content compliments ofYes Style.


Your crazy-dedicated friends from Flowerblog

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Flower DIY: Sunburst Mirror

Simple, flowery and fun! That’s what we at Flowerblog strive to bring our fans via fabulous tutorials like this great Sunburst Mirror DIY from College Life! We totally think this mirror looks like a Gerbera daisy, don’t you agree?

Tip: you can use a clock for the center of this DIY instead of a mirror for some added pizzaz in your home!

How to Make a Sunburst Mirror

1. First you need a very high tech template. {Did you think I was gonna tell you to use paper towels to make it?} I folded 3 continuous half sheets of paper towel in half and cut a pointy shape.  Folding it in half ensures your ray {shall we call them rays?} is uniform on both sides.  No measuring whatsoever.

2. Then, I cut up about 4 sheets of poster board into strips and folded them in half.  Yep, it’s poster board. And the folding makes it easier to cut and adds dimension to the finished mirror.

Helpful Hint: I found thin poster board for .59 cents a sheet from True Value. If your poster board has two different sides (e.g. glossy and matte finishes), make sure you cut everything using the same side.

Another Helpful Hint: I found that the grain of the poster board affects how easy it is to fold. Test out your poster board to see if it has a direction that folds easier.

Play around with arrangements and layout and see what works best for your size mirror!

3. Working in sets of four rays is the secret to keeping everything in order.  Then you put each set in a north, south, east, west position for each layer. Make sure you get your design perfected before you glue anything together!

4. Time to start hot gluing.  First I drew some lines on the back, just your basic north, south east west going a few different ways.  Start with your smallest rays first and remember to work in fours.

5. And layer and glue and work in fours and layer and glue and work in fours.  Until it’s all done.  It only takes about 5 minutes of hot gluing, such a rewarding little project.

And you have a pretty, layered, dimensional, fun mirror for less than $25!


Your friends at Flowerblog

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DIY Flower Vase

We at Flowerblog love getting and giving the gift of fresh flowers! One problem we noticed after receiving all these pretty bouquets was a lack of vases—eep! As much as Mom would love for her holiday bouquet gift for you to be precariously placed in a festive Solo cup—yeah, well not so much. The answer to all of your vaseless conundrums is right above you!

*Image compliments of drewburks.com

With this simple and inexpensive tutorial, you can make this delightful Flower Vase from a light bulb! Images and content compliments of College Life DIY:

What You Will Need:

  • A clear incandescent light bulb (only use an incandescent bulb. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which is hazardous.)
  • 2 feet of 3/32-inch aluminum welding rod
  • Small needle-nose pliers
  • Leather work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • 1/4-inch Allen wrench
  • Small hammer

Total Cost: $5 (if you already have all the materials and light bulb hanging around)


1. Put on your gloves and safety glasses.You need to break glass so I would suggest going outside to be safe.

2. Peel off the contact at the base of the bulb using the needle-nose pliers.

3. Carefully break the black glass at the base of the bulb by tapping it lightly with the hammer.

4. If that didn’t work, stick one of the jaws of the pliers into the  hole of the black glass and twist while applying a little pressure.

5. Now, insert the wrench into the glass tube inside the light bulb as seen below and apply some leverage to break the glass inner tube. (A different size key may be necessary depending on the bulb)

6. Pull out the insides of the bulb out with the pliers as seen below.

7. Create a stand for the bulb by using the 3/32-inch aluminum welding rod. Sculpt the stand anyway you like or as seen in the picture!

8. Add water and your flower and you just made a vase!

Tip: If you only have a frosted bulb, you can fill it with a bit of salt and swirl it around, this should remove the paint to make the bulb clear! (I would like to thank Sean, in the comments for telling me this!)


Your crazy-dedicated friends from Flowerblog

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Stitched Felt Flowers

Want to take your gift wrapping to the next level without breaking the bank? Totally doable with this awesome DIY for Stitched Felt Flowers (images and content compliments of Red Brolly and A Spoonful of Sugar). Simple and classy with a touch of personality, these flowers are perfect for wrapping everyone’s gifts this holiday season!

Here’s what you’ll need:


*Buttons of various sizes and colours

*Felt pieces in various colours

*Thread (for mine I used the Cottage Garden variagated thread– but you could use whatever you have)

* Your downloaded flower pattern pieces (you can find images or silhouettes of flowers online and print them off)

Optional- Florist wire, brooch back if making either a brooch or the flowers shown in the photos


1. Using a flower pattern of your choice, cut out your layers of petals. Odd numbers work best. I used 5 layers of petals. Make sure each layer varies in shape, size and colour.

2. Using your favourite decorative stitches, embroider your petals. Don’t need to worry about sewing all the layers of petals, every other one works best. Don’t forget to also embroider the leaves!

3. Assemble. Start with the smallest, centre button and work backwards. Thread the smallest button onto the wire (If making flowers shown in the photo). Bend it over, making a “U” shape. If making a brooch, or flat backed flowers, just sew the layers together. Passing the needle and thread through all the layers.

4. Once you have all the layers threaded onto the wire, thread another large button onto the back and then twist the 2 lengths of wire together. Securing your flower petals tightly.

5. Attach the leaves.



Your crazy-dedicated friends at Flowerblog

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Paper Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are a stunning flower and add a special something to every room they grace with their presence. Here is a easy and fun tutorial on how your own paper Chrysanthemums (images and instructions compliments of Craftiness NOW and Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts):

1. Cut a standard 20″ x 30″ piece of tissue paper into 12 pieces that are 5″ x 10″ each.  This will make 3 flowers as each one has 4 layers of tissue.

2. Stack 4 layers on top of each other and start folding like an accordion fan:

3. Secure the folded piece in the center with floral wire (I used a fairly bendy 28-gauge wire) and twist.  You can cut the edges in a rounded shape, or into points to vary how the petals will look:

4. Then the fun part!  Carefully pull the tissue layers apart and you’ll have delicate petals:

and then you will have a flower with rounded petals.

Or more pointy ones:

5. Add your paper chrysanthemums to a corsage, use as a decoration for a headband, place in a vase–the options are limitless!


Your friends from Flowerblog

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Flower DIY of the Week: Rosemary-Filled Ornaments

Here’s a great tutorial compliments of The Cheese Thief that puts a crafty twist on a holiday tradition!

Check out the tutorial here!


Your friends at Flowerblog

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