DIY Floral Pie Topper & Wreath

Add some personality and flare the next time you make pie with this fun DIY Floral Pie Topper & Wreath.  It’s easier than you think and really packs a pie punch! It makes for a great presentation at any event or occasion your celebrating with friends and family.




  • Astilbe in assorted colors
  • Spray roses
  • Ranunculas
  • Floral shears & wire


DIY Floral Pie Topper











Start by combining your astilbe and wrapping small sections with a tiny piece of floral wire.

When a circle shape is formed and tied with wire, add in a few spray roses. You only need a few little bunches!  Wrap them with floral wire to help the roses secure in place. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

Lay the wreath on top of your pie and gently add a few ranunculas in different sizes. Snip the stems pretty short and place the blooms on the pie. For added security, you could press the stem under the crust and into the pie. I gently pushed a few of my stems under my lattice strips on the pie above.


Floral Topper


  • Rose leaves
  • Maroon astilbe
  • Succulent
  • Garden rose
  • Ranunculus bloom
  • Floral shears, wire, & glue

DIY Floral Pie Topper












Start by cutting the stem of your garden rose to about 2 inches in length. Save the stem with leaves and gently cut any small branches with leaves and place them on a clean surface.

Attach the garden rose, ranunculus, and succulent together the wire and glue. Wrap the astilbe in a small bunch and secure with floral wire. Gently combine the astilbe and the rose leaves with wire or glue. I simply dotted each leaf and place them together in an imperfect circular shape.

Place the astilbe and leaves on the pie and layer with the blooms. Again, the blooms can just rest on the pie, but you can tuck them into the crust or actual pie for added security.



Images/DIY via The Proper Blog


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