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With spring right around the corner, we know gardens are going to start blooming like crazy! Here’s a great tutorial from our Flower Blog to you perfect for a potted plant or even some cut flowers from your backyard!

Twig Flower Pots


  • Small saw (optional)
  • hessian (burlap)
  • a straight sided container
  • twigs or small branches that are fairly straight
  • jute twine
  • glue gun or string

1. Gather a pile of twigs and cut them down to roughly the same length; you’ll want them a little taller than your container. You could forgo the saw and break them if you like.

2. Take a long piece of twine (about a metre and a half) and at the middle of your piece of twine begin tying the sticks together. Tie near one end of the twigs, single knots should be fine.


3. Continue tying your remaining twigs until you have long row of them, then gently wrap them around your container to check the length; the twigs should meet but not overlap. In the image above you can see there’s no need to remove smaller twigs, I left a few on.


4. After checking the length, tie the twigs again at the other end.


5. Cover a straight sided container with a strip of hessian and secure with glue gun. No need to be perfect, it’s getting covered anyway. If you plant your flower in this container, be sure to poke drain holes in the bottom.

6. Now just wrap the twigs around and tie it on. These are also great to use as vases, if they’re too light pop a couple of large stones inside to help weigh them down.

Credit: Nini Makes

Simple, easy, and adorable! A great project to do with your kids to celebrate spring!


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