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One of the coolest DIY accessories to hit the internet is the t-shirt scarf and one of the coolest dyeing techniques is Ombre. We at Flower Blog found a great t-shirt scarf tutorial that (surprise surprise!) includes flowers, yay!


  • t-shirt to cut up
  • a felt circle
  • button for the center
  • fabric glue
  • scissors
  • card stock flower template (you can make your own, use whatever flower you want!)



1. Cut eight flowers using the template out of the t-shirt
2. One at a time fold the flowers in half and then a quarter and dab a little glue inside the corner so it sticks.
3. Glue the petals onto the felt circle four on the bottom and then layer three on top of those four.
4. With the last petal pinch it a bit more and glue it down right in the center.
5. Add the button with your glue or sew it down if you would like.
6. Cut a long strip of fabric and glue that down onto the back of the flower and let it all dry.


7. After it is dry, either wrap the flower around the scarf and secure on the underside or sew it on.

Tip: The t-shirt flower also looks super cute wrapped around a ponytail or braid!


Credit: Images and content via a bit of sunshine

What’s not to love about this DIY? The answer is a big ol’ fat “Nothing!” because the question was rhetorical!


Your friends at Flower Blog

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